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Since 1982, Young Machine and Tool has been providing process equipment to manufacturers in a variety of industries including the Wire Forming Industry, Automotive Industry, Shoe Industry, and Abrasive Industry. These different industries have exposed YMT to a variety of processes and operations.

Beginning in 1998, abrasive converting equipment has been our primary focus. Standard machines include the following:

  • Semi-auto and automatic hubbing systems for type 27 and 29 flap discs/cutoff wheels and resin fiber discs.
  • Manual rolling machines for straight, tapered and conepoint cartridge rolls with automatic heat seal and eject.
  • Automatic and manual cutters for cartridge roll blanks.
  • Punching machines for cross and square pads.
  • Adhesive dispensing equipment for single and two part adhesives.
  • Various other cutters, slitters and punches, etc.

Along with our standard equipment, YMT has the capacity to design and build custom machines, from your concept or ours, with complete confidentiality as to proprietary information and trade secrets.

Conveying from point A to point B to fully automated assembly and everything in between. YMT can automate any or all stages of your manufacturing process. At YMT, we believe in a quality product at a reasonable price and are confident we can supply quality machines and services to meet your companies process automation requirements.
Whatever your process requires
YMT can deliver complete custom turnkey systems
Complete tool room and fab shop capabilities